Capable to serve for all kinds of work like Illustrations , Publication , Typography , Brand Identity , Advertisement , Web design , Wirefames, Prototypes, UX Research

Illustration 34 Hours
RASA — Illustrations

Exploring different emotions on still objects was a great fun that helped improve my sketching and characterising skills.

  • Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator
Typography 124 Hours
PAASH — A devanagari font

A new approach to devanagari font was made through this project. I understood the importance and role of typography while designing this font.

  • Fontlab 5 Adobe Indesign Adobe Illustartor
Figma components-Textfield 4 Hours
Figma components — Text fields

Using figma component properties to create text fields makes the design process easier. This helped me to bring consistency in my project and to be quick while designing.

  • Figma
Figma components-Button 2 Hours
Figma Components — Buttons

Exploring an efficient UX design tool to create button varients. Designing elements using components to maintain consistency and speed.

  • Figma
Figma components-Chip Tags 3 Hours
Figma Components —Chip Tags

Using auto-layout property in Figma to design adjustable badges for assigning filters.

  • Figma
FigJam Design 1.5 Hours
Jamming with FigJam

A new feature launched by Figma to connect with teams and clients, and get feedbacks easily. Moreover, everything from brainstorming to prototyping remains at only one place.

  • Figma FigJam